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With one click, eChart Healthcare connects families, caregivers, and health professionals any time, anywhere, resulting in better care for patients and more peace of mind for everyone.

By connecting all members of the care team in one platform and including the family as a member of the team, we improve healthcare decision making, support patient-centered care, and empower families in their caring roles.

Our operator-friendly platform allows families to stay involved and be part of the care team through our unique Digital Patient Charting System.


With eChart Healthcare, staff and families stay engaged through connected care where we become the central element in the delivery of care, providing everyone with the information they need when they need it.

Family Members can review caregiver records, tasks that were performed, see what medications were given, view upcoming appointments, and much more.

Pharmacists and care-facilities can communicate through our electronic medication administration record (eMar), providing them with real-time information regarding the medications that have been administered by care staff at the facility, safeguard the proper distribution of medications, and track inventory.

Care Givers benefit from tools that help prioritize and manage the delivery of care so that nothing gets overlooked, reducing stress and the risk of burnout.

Why eChart Healthcare?

eChart Healthcare is the digital patient charting system that enables you to:

Deliver safer, more consistent patient care around the clock

Enhance management of your facilities and staff to achieve greater efficiency

Safeguard sensitive client data with our secure platform

Gain accurate real-time patient data that informs better decision-making

Generate detailed staff and resident reports for quality enhancement

Provide families with access to data in English and French



Access medical records, quality of care, patient medications, upcoming appointments, and so much more, resulting in more peace of mind.

Care Givers


Access tools to prioritize and manage care delivery with more accuracy, and much less stress.



Exchange information with care facilities about patient medications, monitor safeguards, and track inventory in real time.

Staying connected with health care staff. Keeping accurate charts. Knowing what is going on at health care facilities at any given time. These are challenges that eChart Healthcare’s founder Amanda Betts has faced both as the operator of two care facilities and in her life. But it was the experience of placing a family member in another province into a long-term care facility distance that sparked an idea: what if there was a digital patient charting system that could connect families, pharmacists, and care facilities any time, anywhere?

Given that there wasn’t one on the market, Betts drew on her knowledge and experiences to create own: eChart Healthcare. This innovative system enhances quality of care, protects client information, and makes families part of the care team, keeping them informed every step of the way. Fully secure, easy to use, and offering instant access to vital information eChart Healthcare is the future of patient care now. Contact us to see how it can benefit you.

The eChart Healthcare Difference

eChart Healthcare is the operator-friendly digital patient charting system that enhances every aspect of care delivery from staff management to communicating with the family. With our system, you:

  • Can virtually engage every member of your care team, including family, keeping everyone informed and involved in every decision.

  • Have a bilingual care platform that is easy for everyone to access and use, regardless of age or skill.

  • Stay connected from anywhere, with a platform that supports IOS, Android and Windows 10.

  • Can streamline your processes, reduce paperwork, and virtualize your charts.



  • Client Records
  • Personalized Care Plans
  • Reports & Analytics
  • Strong Communication with Staff & Family


  • Manage Staff Remotely
  • Family Interaction
  • Engaged Staff
  • Smart Phone Accessibility


  • Increase Quality of Care
  • Real-Time Care Plans
  • Track Care Progress
  • Electronic Medication Administration Recording

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